November 24, 2010

On the phone

R: receptionist; G: guest

Drin, Drin!

R: Reception, good evening, how may i help you?

G: Sorry, i do i make the television to speak in english?

R: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 10, 2010

Tune Hotels, low-cost hotels from Malaysia

The first Tune hotel in europe will  open in London the next 30th of august.
A good idea or not?
Does it win the competition of the traditional hotels?
The operators in hotel industry are sceptic, but why paying more for something the guest doesn't use?
And just remind that the main service of the hotel experience is the bed.
So why don't succed?

In my opinion, these hotels will have success, many hotel groups will invest in it, to crate low-cost brands, not directly assimilated to the mother brand, to don't affect the brand image built in many years of  competition.
Or maybe they could associate it to their mother brand, just to say: "This is our way to do low cost".
Surely there are segments of market not sensible to price that will continue to prefer the standard hotels offer, and is not fair to reduce this kind of offer, just to a list of services.
The evocation of the experience is something priceless, so pay attention.

The winning way for the low-cost hotel should be to create a positive and authentic evocation of experience in the minds of the potential guests, something not too empty.
Besides, the plus should be the saved money to be used for other activities as shopping and eating, just to say ones.
Business men maybe can reproach only that they won't have a real desk to work on, but for other reason i think they could approve the idea.
In all the cases good luck to the first low-cost hotel chain.

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August 7, 2010

Advertising Flies

Eichborn - Banners on flies (for real) - ambient,

What an amazing idea!
Advertising flies with small banners attached with a special wax that disappear after some hours.
This happened at book exibition in Frankfurt in 2009, where an editor had this this extraordinary idea, to use some flies to do advertising through all the exibition.
Watch the video and comment please.

Top 10 hotel groups of the world 2010.

Source: DatBase MKG Hospitality - may 2010.

Complete story at the following address:

-click on the image to get it bigger-

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May 29, 2010

Jumper's indestructible glasses

Hello, i suggest you this viral video for the advertising campaign of this extraordinary, indestructible pair of glasses.

And this word, "indestructible", remind me to us receptionists, indestructibles to high-level stress and guest's requests. We flex but we don't

If you are interested, i leave you the link to Jumper's website.
The campaign seems to be effective and attractive, because after seeing this video i want a pair of Jumper's too.

Jumper's the indestructible glasses for indestructible receptionists!

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May 9, 2010

How to tie a tie

How many times in your receptionist life did you make a necktie knot?
How many times did you try and try again without having the right result?
Do you know the name of the tie knot you do daily before starting work?

What is a Windsor? And an Half Windsor? And an Onassis?
Right, read carefully this post and watch to the videos to know the 4 most common tie knots, plus a fifth knot not too common but i think the best for its linear result, and all your dubts will be easily clarified.

After that you will be capable to tie a tie as you prefer, avoiding to use the most common  Four in  Hand knot, the easiest and fastest knot, but surely not the most beautiful one.

For us, at reception desk, is very important the figure, cause we are the first image of the hotel for the guests and the first impression of the managemet attitude.
So it's clear that a receptionist with a nice impeccable tie knot will give to the guest a first professional impression of himself and of the hotel.

After that i will leave you watching to the 5 videos, hoping that will be helpful for you.

1. Four in Hand Knot

2. Half Windsor Knot

3. Full Windsor Knot

4. Pratt Knot

And the last one, the Onassis Knot that for its elegance is the most beautiful one, the tie goes straight down without winkles. Absolutely Fantastic!

And so? Are you here?
Did you choose your tie knot?
Or did you understand wich knot you do daily?
Well; i just remember you that we have to thank our croatian friends for the tie invention.
In facts the croatian cavaliers, making war for the french king, Luis XIV, used to wear a scarf around the neck, called "croatta scarf", by whom the name "cravate" given by the french, deriving from "hrvat", that means  "croatian".

Here some link to find out other tie knots:
In total exist between 50 and 80 different tie knots, even if in many cases the difference is so thin, that most of them seem to be the same.
For more information here you have the link to wikipedia page about necktie and its origins.

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May 5, 2010


Santiago de Chile.
This is an advertising done by a company who sells chips, to promote its product.
The idea took place for the imminent beginning of the World Cup Championship in South Africa in june 2010.

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April 30, 2010

Pay attention to what you say!

G as guest
R as receptionist
the guests are a couple.

G: Good evening!
R: Good evening Madame. (smile)

G:  We are looking to eat some snacks, something simple nearby, could you reccomend  us anything?
R:  Yes, sure! Do you know "crepes" (sound like crap)? There is a good "crepes" (crap) restaurant near the hotel if you want i can show you on the map how to get there!

The guests (a couple) look at me in very strange way saying: "Crap"? 
and me: "Yes crepes (crap)! It is very good!

At that moment, i understood the misunderstanding and so i wrote on a piece of paper "CREPES".
G: Aahhhh, CREPES, not "crap"...

The lady, in the general funny situation, laughs and tell me that they were looking for something different but thanks me for the crap (CREPES) suggestion, that they should have taken in consideration maybe for another day. 
G: Bye! (laughing)
R: Bye have a nice night (laughing too)!

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